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println!("A Git Workflow")

One of the things that many tutorials and guides never teach you about git is how to use it for your day-to-day work. Over time you learn what works and what doesn’t, but it isn’t always obvious and certainly isn’t obvious how you should use it from the start.

println!("Rebase with git")

Sometimes when contributing to an upstream source, you need to re-base your own repository to be sure there won’t be any conflicts. This is just a very quick and dirty way to do it. I will rewrite this post to be more detailed soon.

println!("Project Helper Programs")

More and more often I find myself using particular programs to help manage my projects, this is especially true if I’m researching. For example, if I’m researching for an essay, I’ll use something which has the ability to store, organise, link, and brain-storm ideas and sources. If I’m planning a program, I’ll use an app which has note-taking, structuring, and possibly source highlighting and diagram capabilities.